Meyer Sound JM-1P Promo
Meyer Sound JM-1P Promo
High Sierra Music Festival

Visit Sweetwave Audio's showroom to hear Meyer Sound products! We have most of Meyer Sound's Ultra Series speakers to demo. We have UP-juniors, UPJ's ,UPA-1p's, USW-1p's, UMS-1P's, UM-1P's, and the LD-2 line driver.

We have many Concert Series and M-series speakers in our warehouse such as the MSL-4's, 650-P's, Mica line array, Melodie line array, HP-700's, RMS Remote Monitor System, LD-3, and the Galileo.

Our new workstation control room has the classic HD-1 near field monitors that will blow you away.

We can get most any model Meyer speaker to audition with an advance appointment.

Sweetwave Audio is the best place to see and hear Meyer Sound products in Colorado. With a Meyer trained system designer on site we can help you with any aspect of your next pro audio installation. Pick up the phone and we can answer any of your questions about Meyer Sound or other pro audio.


Meyer Sound Sales

Meyer Sound Logo   Sales of Meyer Sound, makers of the finest speakers in the world. We are authorized to sell Meyer Sound systems within the United States. Full product descriptions can be found on the Meyer Sound Laboratories Inc. Website. We are staffed with a trained Meyer Sound system designer. Need help? Call us toll free 1-877-258-0563.

Line Array
The LINE ARRAY Series offers scalable solutions for applications ranging from an intimate cabaret theatre through houses of worship up to the world’s largest summer rock festivals. Regardless of size, all Meyer Sound line array systems share the same sonic signature, characterized by an extraordinarily linear response and transparent reproduction of both speech and music program.
Meyer UltraSeries
Meyer Sound UltraSeries products are precisely matched to the requirements of Broadway and West End-style theaters, smaller concert venues and houses of worship.
Meyer Studio Series
Studio Series
Meyer Sound Studio Series speakers provide extremely accurate audio monitoring in recording studios and broadcast control rooms.
Meyer Create Series
Create Series
The CREATE Series supplies a full complement of hardware and software tools for creating, optimizing and controlling complex, high-performance sound reinforcement systems. The CREATE toolset includes powerful platforms for acoustical analysis, system design and array configuration, system optimization, and real-time monitoring and control.
Meyer LF Series
LF Series
The LF Series comprises loudspeaker systems designed and engineered for powerful, linear bass and sub-bass reproduction in portable, touring or installed sound applications. Options are available for massive touring systems down to discreet installations in hotels and restaurants, and all LF requirements in between.
Meyer POWER Series
POWER Series
Products in the POWER Series support many Ultra Series products by providing reliable and flexible solutions for remote and on-stage powering. Included in the POWER Series are remote power supplies for Meyer Sound’s breakthrough IntelligentDC family of self-powered loudspeakers that receive audio signal and DC powering over a single cable from remote, rack-mount units.


About Meyer Sound

Since its founding, Meyer Sound has been devoted to meeting the needs of sound reinforcement professionals with the finest products available, the industry’s most extensive and knowledgeable customer support, and high-level technical education.

The 1970s saw sound equipment for live performance increase in power capability, but not in reliability or fidelity. In 1979, John and Helen Meyer established Meyer Sound to create and support high-quality products for sound reinforcement and recording, designed to meet the real challenges faced by audio practitioners. Today, the company’s history shows a track record of more than 30 years of innovation, quality, performance and support.

Meyer Sound has more than 200 employees at its Berkeley, Calif., headquarters and satellite offices, including one of the largest engineering staffs (in proportion to company size) in the audio industry. International sales and support are supplied by more than half a dozen offices around the globe. The company works closely with professionals in all areas of sound reinforcement, gathering information on customers’ needs and providing the tools, training, technical support and information to enable the best experience possible for sound system users and audiences alike. Meyer Sound products are manufactured entirely at its Berkeley factory, where high technology is combined with hand craftwork. By performing core processes in house, the company is able to exercise the control to insure its quality standards are met and that each unit is exactly the same as the last.

John and Helen Meyer have been personally involved with the performing arts for years, which has given them a feeling for the role of technology in the arts. Meyer Sound is often involved directly with the performing arts at both corporate and individual levels, locally in Berkeley and worldwide. This is one more way that the company stays in touch with the real reason for its existence.

Meyer Sound at the Olympics

Meyer Sound at the Olympic Ceremonies in Bejing

This year the Opening and Closing ceremonies of the Bejing Olympics are complex affairs. The largest international sporting event in the 21st century demands the latest and highest-quality audio technology to deliver the most anticipated extravaganzas to the 90,000 spectators, including 80 heads of state, attending the ceremonies at the Bird's Nest Stadium. A state-of-the-art Meyer Sound system of remarkable power and clarity is entrusted for the task.

A distributed, groundstacked MILO system provides the basis of the sound reinforcement system, with 700-HP subwoofers for low-end.  While there are other manufacturer's loudspeakers in use for the very top rows of the stadium, nearly every seat will be covered by a Meyer Sound system, and all audio is routed through Meyer Sound's Matrix3. The audio tracks for the performance are driven from WildTracks, and the entire show is based on playback material, with both timecode and manually-triggered sections. The audio show control system, consisting of Galileo 616, Matrix3 and WildTracks, is fully redundant to ensure a flawless performance that the entire world is ready for!

So when you tune in to watch the ceremonies, rest assured that the crowd is hearing the very best sound available to start off an historical Olympics!

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